Avocado Health Benefits Update

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Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado health benefits are amazing. In the tiring evenings, a fresh avocado is all it takes to make us forget all the tiredness, anxiety and tension. Our modern day business eating of oily junk food has lead us to a point where our mood and working capability is badly hampered due to our diet. The highly inflammatory junk chemicals are the main reasons behind our swinging mood and temper.

Under such conditions, avocado surely turns up as one of the best foods and fruit that we have at our hands. Generally, we eat avocado owing to its awesome taste. The sweet and silky texture of the fruit melting is our mouth with little chewing needed. The versatile flavor that gushes into our mouth can never be forgotten. We never really bother to look for any nutritional values and benefits in the avocado, and are happy to just get the taste of it. But studies have showed us that people who regularly consume avocado are in far better condition health wise as well as mood wise and hence we look for logical answers beyond the realm of taste and tongue. Avocado health benefits are precious in comparison to other vegetables and fruits. Doctors prefer patients to make use of avocado for good health nutritional values.


Statistically, Avocado can be easily declared as the best food in the planet as it is well proven that avocado contains more than twenty-five nutritional ingredients which include vitamin A, B, C, E and K; along with it that it also contains copper, phosphorous, iron, and magnesium. Apart from all these avocado nutrients it is also known to contain fiber, proteins, and a lot of super beneficial phyto-chemicals such as glutathione, lutein, beta- sitosterol and many more.

Avocado health benefits can be described in a listed way. Here, we have listed the top health benefits of avocado for different body functioning parts. Avocados has plus point for good blood circulation, better eye sight, cancer precautions, anti aging and more. This list can help you more for knowing avocado benefits.


Researchers have shown that avocado contains folic acid and vitamin B6, which ensures regular levels of homocysteine. It has also been noted that homocysteine promotes heart diseases and heart failure, hence controlling its level in the body is extremely important for our proper functioning. Apart from this vitamin E in the avocado also helps in maintaining a healthy heart. We also should note that the beta- sitosterol present in plenty in the avocado is a major compound, which controls the cholesterol levels in the blood. Apart from this, it also contains potassium and thus is useful in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. These are the huge avocado health benefits for good health.


As we already know, avocado health benefits contains large amounts of lutein. Lutein is an excellent source of carotenoid, which helps in longevity and healthy functioning of the eyes. It thus helps us to prevent age related degeneration as well as cataracts. Similarly, avocado oil is used worldwide in cosmetics and skin care products. It is known for its great effect in healing skin and giving it a natural glow. Also is cures psoriasis, a disease known to cause skin itching, redness and terrible irritation.


The high content of folic acid in avocado also protects us against any sort of stroke. A case study has shown that the number of individuals who regularly ate a prescribed diet which was rich in folate; had very low risk of any stroke than the others who did not have avocado as a part of their diet.


Avocados are extremely rich in folate, a type of vitamin B, known commonly by the name of folic acid. One cup of avocado is said to provide 23% of the scientifically recommended daily dose of folic acid. The folate or folic acid present in avocado is highly essential in the successful prevention of major birth defects, like neural tube defect and other critical ones like spina bifida.


Avocados also contain large amount of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidants known to man. It helps us fight the free radicals, which enter in the body on a daily basis.


Many recent studies have shown us, that avocado can successfully inhibit and permanently stop the growth of the cells that cause prostate cancer. The high amount of oleic acid present in the avocado is also found to be effective in properly preventing other deadly forms of cancer like the breast cancer.


Avocado is also a one stop solution to all our aging problems. As the fruit is rich in anti- oxidants, it is very effective in slowing the process of aging. It maintains a healthy nervous system. Avocado also helps us is gaining healthy weight, which is due to the protein, present in the fruit. Thus, it increases the healthy mass of our body.

Thus, we can see that avocado health benefits can easily solve an array of problems, which are coming to our body and mind due to our modern life style. So come ahead and make avocado a regular part of your diet chart.

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