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Obesity is a problem for our health. The Memorial Weight Loss Clinic is the clinic that use HCG hormone as their diet protocol to decrease your weight. You want to try it? Read this first!

Struggle with your weight? You already do exercise and dieting but still not worked? You can try the diet program from memorial weight loss clinic. This clinic provides physician-supervised programs that combine customized diet program and treatment weight loss medications from healthcare provider or physicians. The physician teams, including bariatric surgeons specializing in obesity medicine who work alongside you to determine the right treatment for your weight loss through your health profile. In addition it will be supported by an skilled team in nursing, nutrition and lifestyle field to provide an individual treatment to help you reach your goal.

Memorial Weight Loss Clinic use HCG Diet program for weight loss in Houston TX. You can learn their programs through their website. The procedure of HCG hormone as a diet aid is controversial. There is a lot of extensive conflicting information online and it is difficult to know which one is accurate and which one is not. At Memorial Weight Loss clinic offer a HCG Houston program that is designed to achieve the result through the safest practices available. This Diet protocol is proposed by Dr. ATW Simeons. This clinic offer both 26 and 43 day HCG programs and collaborate with Perfect Fit Meals to offer meals strategy that sternly follow to the HCG protocol.

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However, this diet protocol does not come without polemic. The food and Drug Administration already release statement that HCG has not been demonstrated as therapy in the treatment of obesity. The FDA approves that HCG is for fertility treatment.  There is no evidence that it can increase weight loss.  However memorial weight loss clinic still use this protocol and claim that homeopathic HCG they use is different with pharmaceutical HCG hormone. The homeopathic HCG drop is the HCG that you can find online because this medicine does not require prescription from licensed healthcare like pharmaceutical HCG hormone does.

The FDA statement is still the same. Even though the HCG protocol is still used by the physician for weight loss and gives a good result, the HCG hormone still drug that use for fertility treatment and not officially proved good for weight loss. When you want to try the diet program from Memorial Weight Loss Clinic, you have to be more careful and seeking more information about the HCG hormone. Of course we do not want to lose weight but in the end your body will be sick right? Be smart and caution is needed for the sake of our health.

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