Oolong Tea Weight Loss is good for healthy and decrease the weight of body quickly

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The Correct Way for Brewing Oolong Tea Weight Loss

Tea is a kind of beverage that is very familiar in the world. Tea is from the tea leaves are picked from cameliasinesis. Tea is already consumed in the various eras. In the old era, there is only way to make the tea. You make the tea in leaves form and you need to filter the leaves of tea. Tea has function to make us become relax in the old era because it has fragrance smell to change the bad mood become good mood. But in this modern era, tea has varying form like filter tea, stick tea, powder tea, and squeeze tea. And there are many function of tea also. Because of tea is processed by different way and produce various kind of tea based on oxidation processing. There are white tea, black tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea, and etc. This article is focusing about Oolong tea weight loss especially wuyi brand. This brand of oolong tea is from Chinese.

Oolong tea is one of kind tea that do not do the oxidation processing until finish and only in the middle of processing. Wuyi oolong tea weight loss has catechin content so it can help you to weight loss and increase metabolism in your body. Oolong tea is also activating enzyme to dissolve triliserida to maximum the weight loss. According to Prof. dr. Dede Kusmana states polyfenol in oolong tea is helping the perfection of superoxide dismutase enzyme work and remove the free radical because of polyfenol has more 100 times antioxidant power than vitamin C.

There are some ways for brewing this tea beverage correctly. Because of the mistake in brewing this tea beverage that it will erase the content from the tea so it has not functioned to losing the weight again.  The first, use boiling water that the temperature is 80 degree Celsius for brewing this tea beverage. Do not use the water that its temperature is more 80 degree Celsius because it can erase the benefit of this Wuyi Oolong tea weight loss. Second, Brew with ceramic teapot because it makes oolong tea can produce the special smell and perfect color. Finally, Use three teaspoons of oolong tea when your size of ceramic teapot is 500 cc. Oolong tea can brew three until four times again. So it includes cheap tea and the function is not only for losing your weight but also it is good for healthy. Ensure you purchase this tea because of this tea can change your appearance quickly and healthy with correct way for brewing. It has special appearance and appearance also. Wuyi oolong tea is perfect choice for losing your weight.

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