Sports suitable for your busy workers

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Sports Suitable Ideas

Lack of exercise make us in a higher risk  suffering a heart attack or stroke. The disease is the deadliest two diseases in the world and Indonesia. Ironic, because the disease actually has a risk factor that can be prevented or controlled.

One of the tips to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke is by exercising routine. Exercise routine, not a sport or sports suitable if that never had a chance.

Then, how do we work out if they don’t have the time? How about if sports want to lunch sometime didn’t get? When would sports suitable already want to work, then come home already late at night?

Yes, the above things are often the difficulty for us. You are not alone. Many people also feel the same way.

Here are some tips on exercising for a busy person:

  1. In principle, provide time for sports, not leaving time for sports. Recommendations from the American Heart Association, aerobic activity done at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Activities that are beneficial for heart health is walking, jogging, swimming or cycling.
  2. Walk is fun, and can be done while chatting with family or friends.

Sports can be done while watching TV in the gym while socializing.

  1. In the big cities is a Car Free Day each day of the week. Enjoy the street, jogging, and biking in the streets were empty of the usual we go through with a motor vehicle.
  2. Sports can you do a morning, afternoon or whenever you got around to hanging Your routine situations. If necessary, bring dressing clothes and toiletries.
  3. What about the everyday life in the workplace? Try using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Wherever possible, use your feet and try a lot of moves. It did not replace the sport. But, at least you will still benefit from your habits that are actively engaged in the workplace.
  4. That it is important to note, regular gym we do precisely so that the body remains fit and fresh for work. Sports done never even make the agency  Achy, so got no benefit.

So, when you will begin the exercise routine? These days.

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