Filling the need of protein in your body with unflavored protein powder

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Unflavored protein powder is the best protein powder with high good quality ingredients for your body

Currently unflavored protein powder supplement products have been very much. Of course it can be confusing if we do not know the difference of each of these products. First, Whey Protein Isolate is the best product of whey protein where the purest protein content of 90% to 100%. If you want to form a body to follow a bodybuilding contest then this is your best option for minimal fat and carbohydrates. In addition for those of you who are obese and want to lose weight while building muscle, then Whey Protein Isolate is recommended. Second, Whey Protein Concentrate is a whey protein with a high enough content and more economical than Whey Protein Concentrate. If you are a skinny or normal body condition, the less fat and carbohydrates is certainly no problem. Whey protein concentrate can be your choice. The third is Casein Protein. This protein has a special advantage compared Whey Protein, which absorb long time. Compared to whey protein, it is more rapidly absorbed by body and the moment was gone, casein longer in the absorption so it would be ideal in certain conditions. For example, during sleep the body starts doing muscle repair and formation. At that moment, while proteins require a period of 7-8 hours of sleep, the body will need protein to survive long body.

Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese making process. Stages of manufacture of whey protein to be high quality are differentiated into several steps. First is fresh cow’s milk-pasteurized. Second is Casein protein and milk fat part of the separated to make cheese. Third, in the form of liquid whey from the cheese produced is filtered to separate it from lactose and other ingredients to become Whey Protein Concentrate. Fourth, from this point there are two possibilities, namely Whey Protein Concentrate liquid dried into a powder and packaged or through further processing. Fifth, Liquid Whey Protein further processed and purified to become Whey Protein with very high concentrations up to above 90% called Whey Protein Isolate.

WPC is unflavored protein powder products without fillers, flavors, or sweeteners. It contains 80 percent protein in every serving. It is often used as a raw material of whey protein from whey branded around the world and even this product is the best unflavored protein powder. Many people use this product. Here are some reasons why this product is highly recommended: The price is much cheaper than branded whey isolate and whey; the protein content which is higher than in any branded whey; WPC is raw materials of wheybranded; It is easily mixed with whey or other branded gainer, juice, milk, and other beverages to add protein and can even material for manufacture of tart, cake, pastry, and others; It is suitable to be combined in a variety of diet programs.

The way of presentation is also quite easy. For bulking or weight gain, just mix with gainer to increase protein levels, or mix with chocolate milk, milo, or other high calorie. You can also add bit of dextrose to add calories. Then shake using a shaker or blender. As for FATLOSS, cutting, and lean muscle building, you can mix with whey branded in order to save your branded whey and increase the levels of protein. In addition, you can also mix with fruit juice, low fat milk, and coffee if you want to get energy before exercising and other flavored drinks and whipped using a shaker or blender.

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