Women And Osteoporosis Tips

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Women And Osteoporosis Review

Women And Osteoporosis, or bone loss can occur due to various combinations of risk factors. Among these risk factors precipitating osteoporosis, there are factors that cannot be changed and there is also a risk factor that can be changed. In addition, age, race, family history, and also the size of the body of the other risk factors that cannot be changed and influential in increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men due to the condition of bone loss or bone loss, which occurs more rapidly in a few years after women go through menopause, when levels of sex hormones decrease. When the sex hormones, namely estrogen, which serves to regulate bone metabolism decreases, the bones become more porous.

Moreover, the fact that women also tend to have smaller bones than men, and women also tend to have a longer life. This will cause the bone loss process longer on smaller bones that make the woman’s bones tend to be more fragile.

Therefore, women and osteoporosis should be more aware of the health of bones. Adopting a healthy lifestyle by staying active and exercising regularly and ensure a healthy food intake to the bone can help women to avoid bone loss, or osteoporosis later.

Saving early bone density will be very useful so that the process of bone loss can be avoided in the future.

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